Let's face it. Photographers really have two jobs.
1. Learning and perfecting the craft of photography. 

2. Running a business.
This is why so many photographers struggle
 We have so many avenues to pay attention to daily. Marketing, social media, pricing, etc... just to name a few!

We want to create beautiful materials for our clients, but who has the time?

Want an easier solution?


No more endless hours in photoshop or starting from scratch. Now, save time and money all while ADDING VALUE to your business.



How to USE the Templates:

To build an email list (It's great to have a private FB group - but what happens if FB changes those options? How will you reach your potential clients?)
Marketing Materials
(What a chore to start those from scratch)
Wardrobe and Prep Guides
for your clients (Maybe even try customizing per client - makes your sessions more valuable!)
And more!
Creatively use them to create uniqueness in your business.
Your exclusive purchase includes: 
3 Different completely customizable templates
An instruction set on the easiest way to quickly build your materials
Video featuring Jen Rozenbaum and Mimika Cooney on the importance if building an email list and gaining trust
Tips and tricks on how to use the templates in all aspects of your business (AKA opt ins, marketing material, guides, etc...)
Instructions on using affiliate links to make some extra money! 
100% secure. We never share your email.
I created The Focus Photography Template Set because it’s exactly what I needed to grow my photography business. 

I’m Jen Rozenbaum and I have been running a successful photography business for nine years. My work has been featured on Good Morning America, Entrepreneur Magazine, MSNBC and TEDx.

I know as photographers and artists, we have a million ideas, but taking action is hard. We are busy running a business, helping clients, making photo magic happen! This is why I created this template set.

The Focus Photography™ Template Set has made my life easier, saved me time and helped build my community. I’m crazy excited to share it with you!

The best part? If you buy within the next 24 hours it's only $17!! That's right. You can save time and build your email list, client satisfaction and creativity for only $17. (After 24 hours the price goes up to $37 - so don't delay!)

Want an even BETTER DEAL? If you join my online educational community,  The Boudoir School™  for a year, the templates are included!!! That's right. A year of boudoir education with me for under $200!  PLUS the templates for free.

 (Templates are a digital download. To make templates you must have photoshop and adobe acrobat.)

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